Rupert Sheldrake & Bruce Lipton: Why Biologists still ignore Quantum Physics – YouTube




Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake

Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton

Rupert Sheldrake & Bruce Lipton: Why Biologists still ignore Quantum Physics – YouTube.

from Gifts of the Spirit: Necessity in the Church–by A.W. Tozer

aw-tozerDo you dare to accept the fact that the sovereign God had designed to do all of His work through spiritually-gifted men and women? Therefore, He does all of His work on earth through humble and faithful believers who are given spiritual gifts and abilities beyond their own capacities.

Let me shock  you at this point: A naturally bright person can carry on religious activity without a special gift from God. Filling church pulpits every week are some who are using only natural abilities and special training. Some are known as Bible expositors, for it is possible to read and study commentaries and then repeat what has been learned about the Scriptures.

Yes, it may shock you, but it is true that anyone able to talk fluently can learn to use religious phrases and can become recognized as a preacher.

But if any man is determined to preach so that his work and ministry will abide in the day of the judgement fire, then he must preach, teach and exhort with the kind of love and concern that comes only through a true and genuine gift of the Holy Spirit–something beyond his own capabilities!


A.W. Tozer; Gifts of the Spirit: Necessity in the Church, Chapter 7;  The Tozer Pulpit, Vol.7 p.89; 1978 Christian Publications Inc. 

Nihilism and the End of Law — Phillip E. Johnson

phillip e johnson

Nihilism and the End of the Law by Phillip E. Johnson

“Secularized intellectuals have long been complacent in their apostasy because they were sure they weren’t missing anything important in consigning God to the ashcan of history. They were happy to replace the Creator with a mindless evolutionary process that left humans free and responsible only to themselves. They complacently assumed that when their own reasoning power was removed from its grounding in the only ultimate reality, it could float, unsupported, on nothing at all. As modernist rationalism gives way in universities to its own natural child-postmodernist nihilism-modernists are learning very slowly what a bargain they have made. It isn’t a bargain a society can live with indefinitely.”