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James Ross Kelly lives in Northern California next to the Sacramento River. Mr. Kelly was a long-time resident of Southern Oregon where he grew up. And the Fires We Talked About published by Uncollected Press in 2020 is Mr. Kelly’s first book of fiction.

Black Ice & Fire

“Some poems (and some poets) have staying power, and some do not. I first read James Ross Kelly’s tree planting poem, “Forester”, thirty-something years ago and here it is again, as fresh, and real as it was then. Kelly’s work will be just as true and compelling thirty years from now. This is a wonderful collection.” Robert Leo Heilman, author of Overstory: Zero, Real Life in Timber Country 

“There are poets among us, more than we can recognize, not letting life’s mysteries and gifts pass through un-noticed, like James ross Kelly, showing us the marvels of 40 years of Northwest life:  I knew at that moment there was something I had, that would not go away from I Will Continue to Seek Visions, a title that names the fuel that has driven this man, that makes his words sparkle and insist.” dan raphael, author of Starting Small and Moving with Everything.

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Threat of Authoritarianism Is No Longer on the Horizon: It’s Arrived in the GOP

The threat of violence once associated with fringe extremist groups has found a home in a Republican Party that now endorses the political, ideological and social conditions that have given rise to a number of violent white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. Racialized violence now runs through American society like an overcharged electric current.

Source: Threat of Authoritarianism Is No Longer on the Horizon: It’s Arrived in the GOP