58441327_2359788757579429_4443029894028328960_nA man was stranded on a desert island for 20 years when a navy ship finally spots him. The captain comes ashore and notices three huts. “What are they used for?” the captain asks.

“Well, the hut one on the left is where I live,” says the man. “and the one on the right is where I go to church.”

“So what about that hut in the middle?”

The man sneers, “That’s the church I used to attend!” Anonymous

 Pete Enns – How the Bible Actually Works – from Karl Forehand’s blog:Karl’s Coaching

Since the beginning of my [Karl Forehand] deconstruction I have sought Pete’s work out as a reliable reference to help me understand a healthy approach to the Bible.  It’s amazing that I even still rea…

Source: 37 – Pete Enns – How the Bible Actually Works – Karl’s Coaching


“The Sin of Certainty” by Pete Enns

How the Bible Actually Works: In Which I Explain How An Ancient, Ambiguous, and Diverse Book Leads Us to Wisdom Rather Than Answers―and Why That’s Great News by Pete Enns