“Two men enter a house through the chimney. ” Richard Wurmbrand

richardAs early as 1912, Lenin wrote the following in a letter to Russian author Maxim Gorki: “Millions of acts of violence, of illnesses and epidemics, are much less dangerous than the most purified, the slightest idea of a God…. God is the personal enemy of the Communist society.”

He also wrote, “Religion is a kind of spiritual vodka, in which the slaves of capital drown their human features and their reverence for a somehow dignified human life.”

There are those who choose to think like Lenin; but there are also multitudes who choose to believe in God.

To you it might be doubtful if God exists, but the following Jewish story surely exists:

A rabbi put the following question to a man in his congregation: “Two men enter a house through the chimney. The one is dirty, the other clean. Which of them washes himself?”

The Jew replies, “Surely, the dirty one.”

“No,” says the rabbi, “because the dirty man sees that the other is clean, so he presumes he is clean, too. The clean man, seeing the dirt on the other, believes he is dirty also and washes himself.

“Now I have a second question,” continues the rabbi. “Two men enter a house through the chimney. One is dirty, the other clean. Which one washes himself?”

The Jew answers, “Now I know: the clean one.”

“No,” says the rabbi. “The clean man looks at his hands and clothes and sees they are clean, so why should he wash? The other man sees that he is dirty all over, so he washes.”

The rabbi put a third question: “Two men enter a house through the chimney. One is clean, the other dirty. Which one washes himself?”

In despair, the Jew shouts, “Both!”

“Wrong,” says the rabbi.“If two men enter through a chimney, how can one remain clean? Did you not see that the question is foolish?”

So any human questioning of God is foolish. If there were no intelligent Creator, there would be no intelligent being to put questions or to deny the intelligent Creator. God simply exists. Even the assertion that He exists is a condescension to the unreasonableness of ordinary thinking.

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