Donald Trump Wants A Race War–Frank Schaeffer

Talking points from Frank Schaeffer:

If you are an evangelical Trump supporter you are no longer
a Christian.

Make no mistake we are at crossroads.
Trump is a man of blood.

He is a traitor to the Constitution of the United States.

There will be blood shed between right wing militia groups
and civilians or the military.

Moronic evangelical support of traitors to America like Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, and Ralph Reed who have sold their soul for access to power.

So much for the cause of the pro-life movement now in the hands of the Klu Klux Klan sitting in the White House.

–Frank Schaeffer


Befriending the Racist IS Loving the Enemy |by Danielle Kingstrom

If I were to admit to knowing anything, it would be this: connection is the only way to thrive. I also know that I wouldn’t be the only one to remark […]

Source: Befriending the Racist IS Loving the Enemy | Befriending the Racist IS Loving the Enemy

Adam Serwer: White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots — The Atlantic

The seed of Nazism’s ultimate objective—the preservation of a pure white race, uncontaminated by foreign blood—was in fact sown with striking success in the United States. What is judged extremist today was once the consensus of a powerful cadre of the American elite, well-connected men who eagerly seized on a false doctrine of “race suicide” during the immigration scare of the early 20th century. They included wealthy patricians, intellectuals, lawmakers, even several presidents.  Perhaps the most important among them was a blue blood with a very impressive mustache, Madison Grant. He was the author of a 1916 book called The Passing of the Great Race, which spread the doctrine of race purity all over the globe.


A long-overdue excavation of the book that Hitler called his “bible,” and the man who wrote it

Source: Adam Serwer: White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots – The Atlantic