On Christians voting for Donald Trump–David Bentley Hart

The failure to see the face of Christ in the poor and infirm and refugees and prisoners is the soul’s condemnation. For instance if impoverished and terrified refugees say should arrive by the thousands and our southern borders bearing their children with them driven from their homes in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras by monstrous violence and hopeless poverty, much of it the long unfolding consequence of our own barbaric policies in Central America. And then our degenerate dropsical orange goblin of a president and the little hoard of oleaginous fascists who slid out of the spiritual sewer by his side, react by imprisoning the adult asylum seekers and abducting and caging their children, subjecting all of them to the most abominable psychological torture degradation and despair, in order to terrify other refugees who might also come seeking shelter; here we need not doubt for a moment that according to the words of Christ these persons have revealed themselves as damned at this moment. Of course the exact number of refugees still imprisoned at inadequate facilities near the southern border right now is impossible to determine, but they number still in the thousands. Worse the number of children stolen by the current administration from their parents many of whom will never be reunited with their families, not only also numbers in the thousands, but is apparently still growing despite false reports to the contrary. Which would seem to mean that we as a nation, we Christians, in America at least, but all of us more generally, are living in a moment of absolute immediate judgment as a people almost perfectly corresponding to the scene laid out for us by Jesus in Matthew 25. And yet curiously enough, there are a good number of American Christians who have already chosen and will choose once again, to associate themselves with the oppressors rather than the oppressed. A good number of us Christian citizens, many quite aware of these atrocities will continue to lend our support to these men even at the ballot box. Christ has assured us that to do so is to become children of the devil. 

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