Hotel Amerika » interview with Aviya Kushner, author of: Grammar of God


Aviya Kushner

Aviya Kushner

Hotel Amerika Introduces its new Interview Series Beginning with an interview by one of it’s editors, Liz Gower, with The Grammar of God: A Journey into the Words and Worlds of the Bible  by its author Aviya Kushner..


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Jews No Longer Safe in Europe–SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER



The best way to bless Israel is with Jesus

In the period following the destruction of the temple, the Jewish religious leadership faced a serious problem. Unlike the first Diaspora, which would last for seventy years, according to God’s revelation through Jeremiah, there was now no prophecy with a specific time limit and Jeremiah 31 was ignored! So how do you maintain Judaism while admitting that God is rejecting your sacrificial system, without a temple and without the Messiah?

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