Inerrancy to be a Christian? –Daniel Wallace via Lee Strobel

St. John One: One

Lee Strobel Lee Strobel

Scholar Daniel Wallace is interviewed by Lee Strobel for  The Case for the Real Jesus—Student Edition: A Journalist Investigates Current Challenges to ChristianityStrobel begins:

Daniel B. Wallace Daniel B. Wallace


I’ve heard people say, “Find me one error, and I’ll throw out the whole Bible.” I wondered what Wallace thought about that. “What if you found an incontrovertible error in the Bible?” I asked. “How would you react?” He thought for a moment, then replied. “It wouldn’t affect my foundational view of Christ. I don’t start by saying, ‘If the Bible has a few mistakes, then I have to throw it all out.’ That’s not a logical position. We don’t take that attitude toward any other ancient historical writings. For instance, did the first-century Jewish historian Josephus need to be inerrant before we could affirm that he got anything right?

“If we do that to the…

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