Worth Revisiting: A Christian Allegory

joy of nine9

Aslan says that he is known by many names, in many lands and that they will have to discover him and find out his name in their own world.

s-l1000My favorite book as a child is still my favorite series, The Narnia Chronicles by Catholic author, C.S. Lewis, excluding the Bible of course. It does seem ridiculous because I am an English Literature major who has read thousands of masterpieces, classics, novels, poems, essays, and articles.

What can I say? When I am asked, “What is your favorite book?”, The Narnia Chronicles immediately pop into my mind. I smile and all else fades into the background.


I read the entire series again about ten years ago and I was delighted. C.S. Lewis manages to reveal profound Christian truths in an enchanting tale that captivates little ones.


This is not a heavy-handed, pedantic Victorian style morality tale that pretends to be fiction…

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