What is the Orthodox Perspective on Original Sin? — Fr. Panayiotis, Ph.D.

Fr. Panayiotis, Ph.D. as he answers these questions and discusses the teachings of St. Augustine and the earlier teachings of St. John Chrysostom and how they are opposed when it comes to original sin.

The Return of Fascism – The Chris Hedges Report

Fascism in the 1930s succeeded, as Peter Drucker observed, not because people believed its conspiracy theories and lies but in spite of the fact that they saw through them. Fascism thrived in the face of “a hostile press, a hostile radio, a hostile cinema, a hostile church, and a hostile government which untiringly pointed out the Nazi lies, the Nazi inconsistency, the unattainability of their promises, and the dangers and folly of their course.” He added, “nobody would have been a Nazi if rational belief in the Nazi promises had been a prerequisite.”

Source: The Return of Fascism – The Chris Hedges Report