‎Heretic Happy Hour: #050: Universal Reconciliation with David Bentley Hart

David Bentley Hart

May 28, 2019

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The Illusionist – The New Atlantis

The Illusionist

Daniel Dennett’s latest book marks five decades of majestic failure to explain consciousness.

David Bentley Hart

It seems to me that we have come this way before. Some of the signposts are new, perhaps — “Bacteria,” “Bach,” and so on — but the scenery looks very familiar, if now somewhat overgrown, and it is hard not to feel that the path is the same one that Daniel Dennett has been treading for five decades. I suppose it would be foolish to expect anything else. As often as not, it is the questions we fail to ask — and so the presuppositions we leave intact — that determine the courses our arguments take; and Dennett has been studiously avoiding the same set of questions for most of his career.

Source: The Illusionist – The New Atlantis