From Inerrancy to Inspiration with Keith Giles

Source: Episode 03: From Inerrancy to Inspiration with Keith Giles

Our loyalty to the book has made it so that the menu has become the meal, and the map has become the treasure. The Bible itself isn’t the endgame, what the Bible exists for is to point us to a Person and a relationship– an ongoing relationship with God through Christ.

Keith Giles

Jesus Unbound by Keith Giles

Love Overcomes Evil: Here’s Proof | Keith Giles

Quite often when I talk about following Jesus into preemptive love or proactive agape, people will argue that nonviolence doesn’t work. But it does. […]

Source: Love Overcomes Evil: Here’s Proof | Keith Giles

United We Stand? | Keith Giles

A gathering to heal the political divide in the American church. In two, one-hour interactive and conversational sessions, Keith Giles will explain how the Church became entangled in politics, what we can do to escape it, and how we can find common ground as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Source: United We Stand? | Keith Giles