Saving Tony Soprano with Young Earth Christian Evangelism

The Sopranos — Religious talk – YouTube. In this episode Tony almost dies from a gangland shooting. Recuperating in a hospital he confronts his mortality, and is befriended by a Christian who attempts to evangelize him, and then espouses young earth creationism. Previous to this scene it was working..

Reasons To Believe : Plant Roots-Fungi Symbiosis Is Multifaceted–by Hugh Ross

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) nodules, found on the roots of over 80% of all vascular plant species, played a crucial role in facilitating the rapid colonization of the continental landmasses by vascular plants. Without this symbiotic and widespread relationship between AMF and vascular plants, neither soulish animals (birds and mammals) nor human beings would thrive on Earth. Both would lack the necessary supply of food and nutrients. The creation and maintenance of large-bodied soulish animals described in Genesis 1:21 and of humans in Genesis 1:26–27 would be impossible without the symbiotic connection between vascular plants and AMF being established first. (Read more at RTB)

Source: Reasons To Believe : Plant Roots-Fungi Symbiosis Is Multifaceted


IN a new analysis of giant fossil footprints in a Texas riverbed, paleontologists have concluded that there is no evidence of human prints mingled with those of dinosaurs. The finding, they said, undermines a key argument advanced by religious fundamentalists who have cited the ”man tracks” as scientific evidence of a relatively recent, divine creation of life on earth, in keeping with a literal interpretation of the Bible. But the discovery has left paleontologists mystified anew about an important aspect of dinosaur behavior: the way they walked. Scientists called the discovery an ”exciting development” in their running dispute with those fundamentalists, known as scientific creationists, who argue that the biblical account of creation should be taught in schools on an equal basis with the Darwinian theory of evolution.