Trump’s Messiah Scam Increases His Threat To America

A Cleveland newspaper noted a week ago yesterday: “A man who authorities say killed his wife and dog and seriously wounded his daughter before being shot by police reportedly was depressed by Donald Trump’s loss in the presidential election and became fixated by online conspiracy theories such as QAnon.”The man’s daughter who avoided being shot, Rebecca Lanis, told The Detroit News: “It’s really so shocking but it really can happen to anybody. Right-wing extremism is not funny, and people need to watch their relatives and if they have guns, they need to hide them or report them or something because this is out of control. “And she’s right: it is out of control. Rational people know that messiahs don’t molest women and brag about it, don’t fleece people with a phony school who just want a college education, don’t encourage racial hatred, and don’t get crowds to try to overturn democracy and kill a policeman.

Source: Trump’s Messiah Scam Increases His Threat To America

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