Banging a cast iron skillet with a big spoon…

I’m starting this because I was put in Facebook jail for 24 hours after taking on a Trump supporting Putin apologizer, by highlighting what the Ukrainian ambassador said to the Russian Ambassador at the United Nations. “There is no purgatory for war criminals, they go straight to hell, Ambassador.” And then as now I’m quoting from memory. Admittedly, I may have suggested the same end for the misguided apologizer. As I write this hell has landed upon the Ukrainian people, a functioning Democracy the size of Texas, and I’ve not ever been to, nor do I know any Ukrainian people. I do know it was a part of Russia for a long time, I do know while they have different languages it is similar like Norwegian and Swedish, I know through planned starvation and executions Russia as the Soviet Union killed as many as 7 million people during the Stalin era in Ukraine. I know it was where Chernobyl is. I watched the Maidan Revolution in 2014 as it played out on YouTube. I know they revolted over having a Russian puppet installed as the ruler to do the bidding of Vladimir Putin and his Russian kleptocratic oligarchs. I know now it took him eight years to decide to get even and attempt again to establish an authoritarian anti-democratic despotic regime to do Russia’s bidding; and doing so with the tools of war and the current ongoing blood bath. I know the west is helpless to help the plight of the Ukrainian people with direct military aid meaning boots on the ground troops coming to their defense. This can’t be done because the Ukrainians were not in club NATO despite the fact they asked to join. The valiant Ukrainians will fight for their lives and their Democracy. I also know that there are those in this country in high places of media influence and politics that are championing Putin’s aggression, genocide, and lies. Those same people championed Trumps aggression, genocide, and lies.

Source: Banging a cast iron skillet with a big spoon…

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