Deconstruction’s Critics Are Those With Much to Lose – Red Letter Christians

One of the issues with the discussion around deconstruction is that the people who are preaching and teaching about it, namely pastors, have a dog in the fight: it is sort of like asking a dairy farmer if you should become vegan.  They obviously don’t want that, and their livelihood is directly affected when people leave the church.  I know this conversation well, as my own family is and has been deeply involved in ministry.  My dad is my pastor.  So while I grapple with my own issues with the church, I am doing so in an environment that is still very much Christian.  I do not take deconstruction lightly, nor do I wish for churches to die.  I want the church to flourish, and flourishing requires weeding out that which is harmful.

Source: Deconstruction’s Critics Are Those With Much to Lose – Red Letter Christians

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