Chronicles of the Cosmic Christ – The Washington Post

SHORTLY BEFORE his death in 1955, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Jesuit priest-paleontologist, wrote to a friend: “Less and less do I see any difference now between research and adoration.” The Heart of Matter , the 13th and final volume of his collected works, amply testifies to his uncompromising singleness of purpose. For Teilhard, all polarities — science and religion, matter and spirit, body and soul, prayer and work — are reconciled in what he calls the Cosmic Christ.While this Christ bears a strong resemblance to the Risen Lord St. Paul encountered on the road to Damascus and to the Apocalyptic Savior St. John described, there is one major difference. Teihard’s Christ is the glorious terminus of Matter’s evolutionary process, the result of Matter’s imperceptible transformation into Spirit.

Source: Chronicles of the Cosmic Christ – The Washington Post

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