C. Baxter Kruger – Incarnation, Unity, and the Femininity of God

C. Baxter Kruger

“There are 200 references in the Hebrew bible to
Rauch or which can be translated breath, wind, or spirit
and of the 89 (there’s always scholarly
debate about these things) but generally
89 times refers to the Holy Spirit of the 89: 80
times is feminine, and followed I think forty-five, [or] forty-four
times, something like that by feminine verbs, so the very second
verse in the in the bible, Rauch– feminine
spirit. Although one of the ones
that blew my mind was, all through the
Book of Judges, when ‘the Spirit of the
Lord came mightily,’ you know it’s all feminine.
I wasn’t taught that. I didn’t learn that
until I started [to] study Hebrew, but even
then nobody made anything of it,
and then there’s the fact that Jesus
spoke Aramaic. In both Hebrew and in
Aramaic to this day
Rauch is feminine so
you know my question is
why haven’t we ever been told this?”

C. Baxter Kruger (transcribed from podcast)

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