Teilhard de Chardin Quote of the Week (April 21, 2014): The Parousia and the Omega Point

Teilhard de Chardin


“Christian faith . . . by the very fact that it is rooted in the idea of the Incarnation, has always based a large part of its tenants on the tangible values of the World and of Matter . . . [This connection is so intimately] linked with the essence of Christian dogma that, like a living bud, it needed only a sign, a ray of light, to cause it to break into flower. To clarify our ideas let us consider a single case, one which sums of everything. We continue from force of habit to think of the Parousia, whereby the Kingdom of God is to be consummated on Earth, as an event of a purely catastrophic nature — that is to say, liable to come about at any moment in history, irrespective of any definitive state of Mankind. This is one way of looking at the matter. But why…

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