Christ in the Multiverse: An Interview with David Williams | James McGrath

My choice to have Lewis open my chapters as I explored the impacts of this cosmology on Christian faith was more reflective of my personal journey than any other rationale.  Clive Staples Lewis is an old friend, my first place of entry into the world of fantasy fiction.  My mom was a linguist by training, and had me reading at an absurdly early age.  I was five (five!) when I read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe alone in my room in Nairobi, and it was a peculiar experience.  Perhaps it’s a factor of a child’s imagination, but my memory of it isn’t so much of sitting and reading, but of physically being in Narnia.  Snow underfoot, the warmth of the fire in a beaver’s den, the hard terrible cold of a stone slab.  Multiverse theology is certainly implied by storytelling that engages with both faith and the possibility of other realms of being, but it goes far deeper than the green fields of Narnia.

Source: Christ in the Multiverse: An Interview with David Williams | James McGrath

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