Standing in Chains at Alcatraz–Hutterite Christian Martyrs of WWI

A photograph of conscientious objectors at Camp Lewis, Wash., Nov. 18, 1918. Four known Mennonite men are in the photo: (back row, third from right: Elmer McTimmmonds, lived near Sheridan, Ore.; back row, fourth from right: John Kropf, lived near Harrisburg, Ore.; middle row, fourth from right: Homer Schlegel, lived in Albany, Ore.; middle row, far right: Orie M. Conrad, later lived near Albany, Ore.). Orie refused to train and refused to put on a uniform. He paid dearly for it. At one point he almost lost his life by hanging but an officer saved him and his tormentors were courtmartialed. (Orie M. Conrad Photographs, HM4-384. Mennonite Church USA Archives-Goshen. Goshen, Ind.)

Source: Standing in chains at Alcatraz

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