The American Evangelical Right has shown its real need is reformation–James Kelly

Christianity and her Church has been my moral center for most of my life. The past two years have shocked my sensibility as I’ve seen friends of mine, Christians, support Donald Trump.

While I’ve been Pro-life and Supported pro-Israel policy for 40 years, racism has been to my mind–ungodly. Sadly, as Trump supporters continue to bolster their President and often from an  evangelical perspective that is patently wrong, their true colors seem to shine through. And there seems to be no color of the loving kindness of the Jesus I worship–whose love knows no skin color, or tribe, or race.

I am a left leaning Christian, in the manner of St. Francis I suppose, and perhaps I always have been. Recently a prophetic dream confirmed this. This blog will largely support a notion of Christianity that reflects Matthew 25: 31:46. I believe it always has.

Now, I believe the Evangelical right, if it has a part in the Church Universal has shown its real need is immediate reformation. Daily, there should be nails on the door of this artifice if it claims an historical significance.

James Kelly



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