Miracles of the Mid-Pleistocene Transition, Part 1

3dman and DNA


This blog is the first of a three-part series on new scientific discoveries and research that reveal the hitherto unrecognized miraculous nature of a recent event known as the Mid-Pleistocene Transition. If not for the exquisite fine-tuning in multiple ways and precise timing of this event, the high population and civilization we presently enjoy would have [not] been impossible.

About 800,000 years ago, a dramatic shift occurred in Earth’s ice age cycle. This shift is known as the Mid-Pleistocene Transition (MPT). At the MPT the ice age cycle period changed from 41,000 years to approximately 100,000 years. The ice age cycle period also changed in another way: instead of a fixed 41,000-year period, it became a semi-regular 90,000- to 120,000-year cycle. The most dramatic changes, though, were in the cyclical variations in the sea level, the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, and the amount of Earth’s surface covered by ice. If not for these changes occurring at exactly the time and at the magnitudes that they did, global human civilization and the potential redemption of billions of humans from their sin would have been impossible.

Source: Miracles of the Mid-Pleistocene Transition, Part 1

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