Yes, Catholics CAN Evangelize

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Catholics generally don’t think of Jesus as an evangelist per say, but rather a storyteller. Well, the Son of God understood parables are powerful vehicles for truth.  Since parables impact people when they can relate to the details of the story, Jesus told stories about the ordinary people of His day.

Nancy Ward also understands when people simply tell their personal journey of faith in their own words,  they can help others who are seeking an authentic meeting with God. Ordinary people can reach, or evangelize, many who are outside the traditional  Church.

Nancy is a Catholic writer with a unique mission from God to encourage fellow Catholics to start evangelizing. With her new DVD, Sharing YOUR faith story,  she removes Catholic’s fear of the word evangelism and equips them to step out with confidence and simply share the joy of the Gospel.

God definitely used Nancy’s background to prepare…

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Posts are meant to share an aspect of the universal Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. James Kelly is a Christian seeking the Mercy of God (i.e., His Goodness and Loving Kindness) and daily more of the Grace of His Holy Spirit. Posts of other authors are meant for review of salient points made by said authors and are credited and meant to share light with others and encourage others to read their works, and when possible, by providing links to where their works may be purchased.
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2 Responses to Yes, Catholics CAN Evangelize

  1. Nancy H C Ward says:

    Thank you for reblogging this and continuing the mission to encourage Catholics to share thier faith. In doing so, I discovered your site and will be looking for more uplifitng content.


  2. Nancy H C Ward says:

    Thank you for reblogging this and continuing the mission to encourage Catholics to evangalize by sharing their faith stories. I’m glad to discover you blog and I’ll be looking for more uplifting content.


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