The Ultimate Hat-Trick of God in Four Sentences–John Shore

The Ultimate Hat-Trick of God in Four Sentences.

It is useful to consider Shore’s take on the Gospel of John’s initial words as heralding the Trinity–and by doing so having a grasp of the notion of the Trinity. Shore goes on to challenge the notion of accepting Jesus in order to have the Holy Spirit. This will make some uncomfortable. I find people come to God in so many different ways and circumstances that perhaps that notion should be challenged. It is however, how we “do” Christianity.  I do know that Holy Ghost is the greatest Evangelist and He is unconcerned with orders and formulas we come up with. I also know the Holy Ghost operates on folks that are not believers.


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Posts are meant to share an aspect of the universal Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. James Kelly is a Christian seeking the Mercy of God (i.e., His Goodness and Loving Kindness) and daily more of the Grace of His Holy Spirit. Posts of other authors are meant for review of salient points made by said authors and are credited and meant to share light with others and encourage others to read their works, and when possible, by providing links to where their works may be purchased.
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