Loving Your Enemies in an Age of Terrorism | RELEVANT Magazine



dalistjhncrssWhen we Americans focus on radical Islamist terror, all too frequently our Muslim neighbors become part of the hated enemy by association. When the focus shifts to government-hating American militiamen, our hatred spills over onto isolationist conservatives. All too easily, fear of the few metastasizes into fear and even hatred of the many. At its extreme, our fear walls us off from anyone we perceive as not like us.

The call of Jesus is to smash those walls we’ve built, to reach through the breach, to touch and meet and serve those we thought were enemies. Not just the ones halfway around the world, but the ones in our neighborhoods and towns who may be hiding in fear themselves.

Read more at http://www.relevantmagazine.com/current/loving-your-enemies-age-terrorism#LM5GAePRzsvZG6eF.99

Loving Your Enemies in an Age of Terrorism | RELEVANT Magazine.


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