You have wondered about Jesus and His relation to God—John G. Lake

John Graham Lake 1870-1935

John Graham Lake

You have wondered about Jesus and His relation to God, and you wonder how Jesus Christ could be the Son of God and be God. Supposing that part of me that was over there in Wales and was able to take in all these things had stayed there. Supposing it had decided to take on itself a body and remain in Wales. What relation would it be to me? It would be born out of my nature. It would be part of myself. I believe God gave me that experience to settle forever in my soul that question of Jesus Christ and His relation to God the Father. And Jesus, though being one with the Father, still maintained His own individuality, and it is no longer a problem to my soul.

I want to tell you that Jesus Christ came out of the soul of God and He came to the world and gave His blood for you and me. And when Jesus gave His blood for you and me, beloved, it was God that did it to my soul, Jesus is not the Son of God  in that He is separate and detached from God. He is God. His blood was the life of the heart of God. It was God’s manifestation of His divine affection for the world He had created.

I would rather face any other thing in all God’s eternity than to face that Lord who loved me with such a passion that He shed His blood for me and I had been negligent and thoughtless about it. Brethren, we owe Him a duty that we can never know.

John G. Lake: The complete collection of his Life Teachings; Whitaker House 1999, page 421


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