The Trinity can also be compared..

(written ca. 1360–87) from
Piers the Ploughman—by William Langland


The Trinity can also be compared to a torch or taper, which consist of wax and wick twined together, and a flame that flares from them both. And just as this wax, wick, and flame are used to light a fire, so the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost kindle among Christian people a fire of love and of faith which cleanses them from their sins. And as you sometimes see a torch whose flame is suddenly blown out, yet whose wick continues to smolder without setting fire to the matchwood, so the Holy Ghost is a God without mercy, and a Grace without life, to all those so depraved as to wish to quench true love, or destroy the very life which our Lord created.
‘Workmen who stay awake on winter nights are not cheered so much by glowing embers as they are by a blazing torch, or by a candle, or anything that gives out flame. So, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost do not grant men grace or forgiveness of sins till the fire of the Holy Ghost begins to burn and to blaze. For the Holy Ghost glows by as an ember until true love lies down by His fire and blows it into flame; and then He flares out like a living fire, and warms the Father and the Son and melts their power into mercy. So, in winter, you can see icicles on the roofs of house, which once they feel the heat of the sun, melt in a minute into mist and water; and in the same way the grace of the Holy Ghost melts into mercy the great might of the Trinity—but only for those who practice mercy themselves.


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