Believing in the 21st Century:Chapter Seven

St. John One: One

from Believing in the 21st Century:Chapter Seven

a lay Christian examines his faith..

 By James Ross Kelly

So again, how does any one  judge this  veracity? Some say it is truth in that it is mythological truth. I must say adamantly I know I know Him, not the myth of Him. Myth operates as powerful archetype  in the human psyche. However the  Gospel of John and all the Gospels are  presented not as mythos. There is a sense that it could be viewed as areal myth (cf., C.S. Lewis through the Shadowlands, Sibley).  Still it comes to us as a story. A story that is told as a true story. It survives as a compelling story from ancient times. Yet again, there seems to be a  media friendly secular scholastic conjecture that there was an epistemological cabal involved. One which in a carefully orchestrated fiction …

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