Pentecost Revealed Through Art

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St. Peter’s Basilica

When light shines through stained glass windows, they can lift our souls up from our own narrow miserable awareness into His presence as we contemplate them

Light is more powerful than darkness and beautiful colourful glass works of art can touch us with a mystical, heavenly light that moves our hearts and souls towards God.

No wonder stained glass windows were developed in the Middle Ages as a way of teaching illiterate parishioners the basic Christian message and inspiring them to live holy, prayerful lives.

Pentecost’ -Catholic University of America

Icon painters fast and pray as they paint, layering colours one on top of the other. This technique gives the icon a unique richness and depth. The effect of this technique is most obvious in the eyes which do not seem flat but rather realistic with depth and soul.

The icons themselves have absorbed the…

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Ethnic Images of Mary

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We are accustom to beautiful images of Mary picturing her as a white, European. However, she was from the Middle East and most likely looked Middle Eastern. Artist’s models and concepts of beauty are influenced by their culture. Now artists are emerging who are painting Mary as if she was born in their country because they can relate and connect better to the living Mary when their prayer is triggered by an image they are familiar with. The results are stunning, opening our hearts and souls to different qualities and graces of Mary.

84be07eb8d709743fae2e640b1486fcb Our Lady of LaVang


Our Lady of the Philippines

The Holy Family, India

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Holy Laughter

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Even though icons and holy cards often depict the saints and the entire Holy Family with a miserable scowl on their unhealthy looking faces, the truth is that the saints lived in God’s presence and in His joy. St. Francis of Assisi is the most famous, joyful saint.  Look at our pope, whose name sake is Francis; his very countenance radiates authenticity, kindness, joy and the love of God.

Joy is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, not a gift given to a select few but a by-product of living in the Spirit. Sacred Scriptures exhort us to trust and embrace the joy of the Lord.

The very first time my husband heard holy laughter was 26 years ago while making a retreat at the famous Trappist monastery near Oka in Quebec. He was walking quietly down a hallway, trying to be silent and unobtrusive when a monk  threw…

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