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Robert Leo Heilman

The first time that I heard the Tea Party anti-taxation slogan, “Taxation is tyranny,” back in 2010, my mind immediately turned to the Holodomor. Ninety years ago and half a world away, during the winter of 1931-1932, the Soviet government brought a famine to Ukraine in which it is estimated that twenty-five percent of the country’s rural population starved to death. Millions of tons of grain were confiscated and sold off to western European countries for the foreign cash that the government needed while millions of people painfully perished from governmental indifference. Tens of thousands of those who spoke out against the government’s cruelty were sent to the Siberian gulag prison camps and were never heard from again, having been worked to death as slave labor.

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Why Does the Myth of the Confederate Lost Cause Persist? – The Atlantic

Gramling  [Paul C. Gramling Jr] then turned his attention to the present-day controversy about Confederate monuments—to the people who are “trying to take away our symbols.” In 2019, according to a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, there were nearly 2,000 Confederate monuments, place names, and other symbols in public spaces across the country. A follow-up report after last summer’s racial-justice protests found that more than 160 of those symbols had been removed or renamed in 2020.Gramling said that this was the work of “the American ISIS.” He looked delighted as the crowd murmured its affirmation. “They are nothing better than ISIS in the Middle East. They are trying to destroy history they don’t like.”I thought about friends of mine who have spent years fighting to have Confederate monuments removed. Many of them are teachers committed to showing their students that we don’t have to accept the status quo. Others are parents who don’t want their kids to grow up in a world where enslavers loom on pedestals. And many are veterans of the civil-rights movement who laid their bodies on the line, fighting against what these statues represented. None of them, I thought as I looked at the smile on Gramling’s face, is a terrorist.

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John MacArthur Claims Current Criticism is Persecution for Preaching the Gospel | The Roys Report

John MacArthur recently claimed that the heat he’s facing for his expensive lifestyle, millions in contracts to his son-in-law, alleged embellishing of stories, and handling of COVID is persecution for preaching the gospel.In a sermon entitled, “The Benefits of Suffering for Christ,” MacArthur complains that people are “doing everything (they) can on the internet” to “silence me” and to convince people that he’s “just another spiritual fraud.”MacArthur has not directly addressed any of the issues against him that have been raised.

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ST. ISAAC OF NINEVEH–It is not the way of the compassionate Maker

It is not the way of the compassionate Maker to create rational beings in order to deliver them over mercilessly to unending affliction in punishment for things of which He knew even before they were fashioned, aware how they would turn out when He created them—and whom nonetheless He created. —ST. ISAAC OF NINEVEH, ASCETICAL HOMILIES

Mein Schöpfer steh mir bei (My creator stand by me)- YouTube

A small town of 8.000 in Northern Germany named Hermannsburg and the old community church called Grosse Kreuzgemeinde where this hymn is played and sung during a Sunday morning service.
                                      “Mein Schoepfer steh mir bei.”
                                        “My creator stand by me”    Composer:  Johann J Rambach anno 1715

Beyond The Pale: Episode 123: Jesus Unforsaken with Keith Giles

Keith Giles returns to Beyond the Pale to discuss his new book Jesus Unforsaken in which he argues the real Good News of Jesus has been replaced in much of today’s church with a toxic message originating with John Calvin in the 1500s.  Keith explains why its crucial to return to the historic Christ-centered view of the cross that sets people free from sin and unveils a God of love who would rather die than live without us.

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