The Origin of ISIS – Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani – YouTube

Dr. Nakshawani has been a strong verbal opponent of ISIS, insisting that world powers unite to directly address the threat posed by the terrorist organization. The crux of his explanation begins around 15:00, his explanation details the depth in which the Saudi Arabian government is connected to Global jihad. At 32:00 Dr. Nakshawani tells you the country that contributes the largest number of  ISIS fighters.

Catholics Must Encounter Jesus Christ

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When Catholics venture beyond the walls of their parish church into the marketplace to evangelize, it is important that they remember the spiritual life cannot simply be taught to the unchurched because human persuasion alone will not convert anyone. Disciples of the living God are called to reveal His tangible Presence to those who are searching for salvation. When the Spirit of Christ flows through Christians who are His vessels to those who are hungry and seeking God, God is able to catch them in the net of His love.

An Experiential Faith

Christianity is above all an experiential faith, a living relationship with Christ. A Christian is not a person who merely accumulates intellectual knowledge about God nor simply fulfills tradition and the letter of the law. Pope Benedict and Pope Francis have repeatedly emphasized that Christianity is an encounter with Jesus.

Many people perceive Christianity as something institutional —…

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Solzhenitsyn—are there Evildoers?

St. John One: One


As the act of an evildoer? What sort of behavior is it? Do such people really exist? We would prefer to say that such people cannot exist, that there aren’t any. It is permissible to portray evildoers in a story for children, so as to keep the picture simple. But when the great world literature of the past—Shakespeare, Schiller, Dickens—inflates and inflates images of evildoers of the blackest shades, it seems somewhat farcical and clumsy to our contemporary perception. The trouble lies in the way these classic evildoers are pictured. They recognize themselves as evildoers, and they know their souls are black. And they reason: “I cannot live unless I do evil. So I’ll set my father against my brother! I’ll drink the victim’s sufferings until I’m drunk with them!” lago very precisely identifies his purposes and his motives as being black and born of hate.

But no; that’s not…

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Eclipse of Man – The New Atlantis

Eclipse of Man is a “serious response” to transhumanism, and Charles T. Rubin offers a “moving account of ordinary life” as a way to counter its grand vision. “Following his example, we must exert ourselves to understand the drive to develop and apply new technologies, and to put forward, rationally and with steadfastness, a cautionary argument that affirms the value of human life.” — Jacqueline Pfeffer Merrill Library of Law & Liberty, January 12, 2015

Source: Eclipse of Man – The New Atlantis