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Poems & Stories by James Ross Kelly--

800px-Franz_Jüttner_Schneewittchen_2I was in Peter’s cabin in southern Oregon, in the summer of 1981,

Peter had finished Seminary in 1965, & having done a stint as a

Chaplain in the Navy, or maybe it was the Army, he declined  to be ordained,

& went to work selling books for New Directions,

In 1967, he’d been hitting up book stores for

James Laughlin, & he stopped in

San Francisco—took LSD, & tried briefly

To become King of the hippies & realizing there

Were too many pretenders to the throne, he

Then retreated to southern Oregon, where

He bought a very small cabin in the woods & went on forays

For Amanita mushrooms every fall and spring on the Oregon coast,

He’d dry hundreds of  them & step into an altered reality most every day, then

Run ten  miles &  in his mid-forties he looked like an athlete in his twenties,

Peter had…

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Let No Man Say Anything. Supernatural Move of the Holy Spirit. – YouTube


Let No Man Say Anything. Supernatural Move of the Holy Spirit. – YouTube.

Filmed on Location
Broken Arrow
Oklahoma 1996
with Kenneth E. Hagin

Holy Spirit falls on Bible Seminar where numerous prominent Christians are gathered to speak about God.