Prayer of Healing

Oh the laying of hands & the softest wind of the Holy spirit, soft & secret, breathe of the Live God upon my life upon the time of my life, just knowing this, is  healing, know this temporary lens of a final sight to behold and upon my own sons likewise may they know this breathe, this wind this voice, I  pray to bequeath them this same voice and promise for it is for us, for us, & those who mock and scorn do not see the wind blow gently through the aspen, or zephyr-like move across my brow in an empty room, I know the talking of the grass the lovely trumpet of the night-hawk, the doves at my bird feeder,& while those are reminders they themselves are not this wholly Other & while these who nay say and mock and squander the life the Giver-Creator-Father God gave them the same & are only dry rocks rolling off the road bed  & we fogive them as the roll past, some of them bouncing off  & while the road ahead sure and passable is a direct way to Him who guides us this far, long and hard but sure and good, He is leading those of  us who do not see toward sure goodness mercy and love, oh hallowed be His name,  sending the healing coming, like  His Kingdom coming our way there is a sureness to it, as every day has pain, this will not always be so. On earth as it is in Heaven. In the precious name of Jesus, amen selah

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